About me

Hi! I’m Alexander, and welcome to my website! It’s a little barebones at the moment, but I will be adding to it during the boredom that is quarantine.


I am an MEng student at MIT under Prof. Jonathan Ragan-Kelley. I am broadly interested in optimizing compilers, languages for numerical methods, computer architecture, and formal methods. I currently work on vector instruction selection, program synthesis, and a compiler for optimizing term-rewriting systems. I interned with (and still collaborate with) Dr. Andrew Adams and Dr. Shoaib Kamil at Adobe Research.

I have contributed to Halide’s bounds inference algorithm, term simplifier, and autoscheduler. Much of my research is focused on the Halide compiler.

Previously, I interned at Intel under Dr. Derek Gerstmann on autoscheduling for Halide, worked with Prof. Frédo Durand on automatic quantization, interned in cybersecurity at Microsoft and Lawrence Livermore National Lab, and worked on cloud computing at Iterative Scopes.


In undergrad, I was an active member of MIT’s Deutsches Haus (the German cultural community), studied abroad in Spain, and taught in the Middle East for MIT’s MISTI program.

My friends and family call me AJ.